English Lessons with a Teacher

a crowd in a European shopping district

Walk ‘n’ Talk Fun

Get ready to have 90 minutes of fun! Your teacher is your security blanket, be bold, step out and overcome nervousness and shyness. Very fast results with no worries.

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teacher and student at chalkboard

Combination-style Lessons

Combination-style Lessons are a great idea for highly energetic students – or perhaps those who have a shorter time span for learning but want a foundation of basic grammatical rules.

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Conversation-style Lessons

This is a light-to-moderate program because we focus on regular conversation topics first playing around with the experiences you’ve had using your English in the community.

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Grammar-style Lessons

Grammar lessons formalize your learning. Learn to talk with people at a business and professional level; succeed in sales and marketing; gain employment in higher paying jobs…

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Help Me Teacher!

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Add-on Only!

Help Me Teacher! – Extension

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