Grammar-focused Lessons

For some people learning basic English phrases and vocabulary is enough, and it is a good idea for people getting started; but when you want to become fully independent you will need to be more familiar with grammar and structure in English communication.

Grammar-focused Lessons help you understand
Rules Breaking down those Grammatical Rules.
Verbs Verbs have Tenses; we’ll help you relax while you learn.
Punctuation Proper Punctuation – say it like you mean it!
Articles Just two little words, Articles are Grammar’s little helpers.
…and more Learn to achieve Excellence!!

Grammar-focused lessons formalize your learning. They help students understand the finer details of grammar rules and structure. Learn to communicate with people at a business and professional level; succeed in sales and marketing; gain employment in higher paying jobs…

It is common for students who are beginning a long-term path of English Language Study, perhaps with a career or academic goal in mind, to start with a “warm-up” course in grammar basics.

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