Conversation-style Lessons

Learn conversation that you want to know. These lessons will quickly get you talking. Strengthen your knowledge of day-to-day conversation to support your daily routine.

Learn Easily – you lead the way with lessons using real-time experiences you are having every day.

Conversation-style Lessons help you grow
Confidence You will feel your confidence grow day-by-day.
Experience It’s all about you, you lead with your experiences.
Independence Fast track to independence in the community.
Conversation Make new friends quickly through conversation.
Relaxed These are light-hearted lessons in a relaxed format.

Each class we build on the language you need to help you enjoy your everyday activities, or to help you reach out for new things you might want to experience. That means that we talk about things you’ve been doing that you may want to improve upon or better understand.

Conversational Style Lessons are very good for people who want to be independent and socialize in the community quickly.

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