Combination-style Lessons

Combination-style Lessons are use a mixture of grammar and conversation that helps you understand what’s going on around you more effectively. You will also build a well-rounded set of communication skills. With these skills it becomes easier to not only participate in social, school, and work situations, but to contribute clearly to them.

Combination-style Lessons build your skills
Clarity Step up to another level of clarity in English communication.
Ideas Have fun getting better at exchanging ideas.
Effective Broaden your horizons with effective communication.
Community Expand your comfort zone in the community.
Journey Open another chapter in your journey of learning.

Lessons usually elicit interactive contributions from the student; the topics and examples are refined and expanded upon with analogical scenarios. This demonstrates your abilities in a spectrum of basic grammar usage. Additionally, you will practice generating your own dialogues and vocabulary that familiarize you with proper use of that grammar.

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